Meet Happy Growers

Happy Growers cultivates, harvests, and ships bok choy and Chinese cabbage across the U.S.

The company began 24 years ago as a family business on six acres. As the Asian community grew in Southern California, so did the demand for bok choy. Today, Happy Growers feeds the hunger for bok choy 10 ½ months a year from 1,200 acres in Arvin, California.

Experts In Bok Choy

Bok choy isn’t an add-on crop for Happy Growers. It’s our specialty. We delight in growing 10 – 15 varieties, each with a unique taste, texture, and size. Here’s how we grow bok choy, from seed bag to table:

  • The growing cycle is a brief 40 days from seed to harvest.
  • We watch the crop closely for any issues that could harm the plants.
  • When it’s ready to harvest, we have a window of four to eight hours to pick it or the crop is lost.
  • Happy Growers packs the bok choy in high heat in the field, then brings it down to just above freezing.
  • Once home, bok choy has a fresh shelf life of about seven to 10 days.

Happy Growers is proud to be part of the growing trend for healthy eating that includes a wide variety of vegetables. As the market grows, we’re ready to supply the food chain with variety and quantity of quality bok choy and cabbage.

The Happy Growers Farm